At Millennium Mantra, Coaching is a foundational philosophy and our services are built upon this doctrine.

We have a focus on career coaching simply because for any person, career occupies more than a third part of his life, sometimes even half of it. Here’re the facets of career coaching service we provide:

Reinvent your career

At any stage of your career, there lies umpteen number of opportunities to reinvent yourself and your career. To reinvent a career, you need a well-thought strategy and actionable steps planned ahead of time. Starting with an objective assessment of your personality vis-a-vis your aspirations, we partner with you to develop your career reinvention plan and ensure that you follow through.

With a help of a coach – a dedicated champion of your success – your path of career reinvention becomes an enjoyable and rewarding journey.

Conquering job-loss

Job-loss is a feature of today’s time and no industry or geography is immune to it. To many, it is one of the most shocking, devastating event of their life. There are more than one dimensions of your life that gets affected by a job-loss. A professionally trained career coach can be of immense help is such a situation.

Over the period of time, Millennium Mantra has developed a framework that provides a profound perspective and step-by-step approach to conquer the job-loss event.

Thriving at workplace

Each workplace is a unique eco-system and thriving in it is not easy and simple for everyone. The company culture, the co-workers and the manager are critical factors to consider and put into perspective. If the workplace is not conducive to your growth and development, it can build stress and start impacting you in an adverse way. With help of a coach, you can develop awareness and skills so that you either shift your own paradigm or turn around the work-environment into something that allows you to thrive.

A coach brings in an objective insight and provides you the resources that helps this change happen.

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