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Mandar Kulkarni

Mandar is a Founder and Principal Consultant of Millennium Mantra, Inc. Having more than three decades of experience in India and US, Mandar has played a wide variety of roles in his career. His first venture as an entrepreneur was a software product and services company in Pune, India. In US, he started as a IT Consultant and progressed through the ranks to become agile evangelist and a transformational coach. His work experience spans from a start up company (Hirematica) to large multinationals (Accenture and Cisco Systems).

In 2002, Mandar came across Thomas Leonard, the father of the Personal Coaching and it changed his life. Inspired by Thomas and the philosophy of personal coaching, Mandar received formal training in Personal and Business Coaching at Coach University (www.coachu.com) and embarked on a career of coaching. Having worked on numerous large and small projects, with local and international teams, Mandar has a unique exposure to plethora of workplaces, personalities and leaderships. It all culminates into his exceptional ability to positively impact his clients in their careers and also in their personal lives.

Mandar is a published author of a leadership book titled as From Team Player to Team Leader which is an amalgamation of his management and leadership experience and training in personal coaching.  He has been an active volunteer at PMI’s Silicon Valley Chapter since 2003 and holds a responsibility as a Director of Certifications. His passion for public speaking earned him a membership of National Speakers Association for 2012.

At present, Mandar enjoys his personal time as a podcaster of a first-ever podcast in Marathi ( regional Indian language) called Vishwasamwaad (A dialog with the world).

You can reach Mandar by email at mandar@millmantra.com.

Shubhangi Kulkarni

Shubhangi is a co-founder of Millennium Mantra and a Wellness Coach. She is a founder of Millennium Yoga, a sister company to Millennium Mantra with a focus on Yoga and Wellness. She has educational backgrounds in Physical Sciences, Liberal Arts, Software and Instructional Design. Her passion for health and wellness resulted in her certification as a Yoga expert and accredited Yoga instructor. In her practice as a Wellness Coach, she enjoys working with her clients on stress management, relationships and health.

As an avid writer, Shubhangi has been writing her monthly blog for more than 5 years. Simply titled as “Blog of the month“, Shubhangi shares her musings about the events from her day-to-day life in such a lucid way that it touches the hearts of the readers without exception. This blog is now being converted as a podcast.

Shubhangi has published author of a unique picture book titled as “O My Mind“. It is a collection of simple tips that she originally wanted to share with her son on his 21st birthday. Those tips, each accompanied by an exceptional photograph has turned into a superfine book.

Shubhangi can be reached by email at shubhangi@millenniumyoga.com

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